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August 28, 2020 3 min read

The role of a Music Press Release is to bring as much publicity as possible for an artist. Whether it’s for their new music album, single, promotional tour, appearance, charitable cause, endorsement, business deal, or just to clarify things. A music press release is a spick-and-span, simple and professional-looking brief that includes relevant news regarding the artist, which is then sent out to journalists, bloggers, and news media agencies, etc.

When to Use a Music Press Release?

A music press release can be used for reporting anything newsworthy regarding an artist. As mentioned above, it could include anything from the release of a new album to clearing the air regarding certain news about the artist.

Moreover, it can have a maximum impact when it’s used well and in order to use it well, you need to pay attention to what other people consider “newsworthy”. Answer the following questions regarding yourself (the artist) and you’ll have a fair idea of what constitutes as newsworthy:

  • What is your brand?
  • Who’s your audience?
  • Where is your audience?
  • What do you want to say?
  • What does your audience want to hear?
  • What is the best way of spreading your message?
  • What is the best medium to spread your message through?

These questions will allow you to filter your message and package it in a way that makes it not only newsworthy but also effective. Making it engageable for your fans, friends, and family is great but they are not your only audience. Through an effective press release, as a musician, you should try to influence and impress editors, writers, broadcasters, bloggers, presenters, hosts, agents, venue bookers, and record label representatives, etc.

Those are the people that are going to benefit you.

What Are You Promoting Through Your Music Press Release?

When it comes to writing a press release, it can be very easy to lose the plot by trying to say too much. That’s harmful – it won’t yield you any good results as it’s going to be extremely confusing. Therefore, in order to write an effective press release, you need to make sure that you identify exactly what it is that you want to promote.

Whether it’s your new album, single, concert tour, interview, or endorsement -- be specific as that’s going to help you create an engaging message that can be understood easily. Don’t be vague and don’t beat around the bush. A press release is supposed to be brief.

What Makes a Music Press Release Effective?

A lot of people might have different opinions about this but according to me, there’s just one factor that differentiates a good press release from a bad one – the story.

When you’ve pinpointed the message that you want to put across, the next thing that you need to do is create an engaging story around it. Let’s suppose you’re releasing a new album – absolutely great. But here’s the deal – there are 30 other artists who’re releasing a new album this year as well. So, what makes your album so special that it should get the attention of the press?

If you don’t think you have an answer for it, you’re wrong. Everybody has a story and everything has an angle – you just have to find yours. Perhaps, the featured artists on your album are currently in the Top 10 of the Billboard Top 100 list; your music producer has just won a Grammy, and you’ve written a concept album about a fictional character’s adventures in the Bronx.

It can be anything. You just need to pay more attention. Turn your story into your unique selling point (USP).

How to Write the Perfect Music Press Release?

Writing the perfect music press release can be a little challenging for you if you don’t have any prior experience with it. Therefore, a great option would be to hire the services ofPRShouts. They are specialized in the art of drafting the most well-written and engaging press releases that capture the attention of the reader instantly.

Their team of highly skilled writers makes sure that your music press release stands out from the rest and their great relationships with publishing outlets like CBS, NBC, and Fox, among many others, ensure that it gets the widest audience possible.

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