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August 27, 2020 3 min read

   With such a hyper-competitive network of enterprises, you absolutely need a solid presence in the media and the online world to sell your products or services. Whatever your field of activity, PRshouts can help you strengthen your brand and enlarge your audience with professionally written press release distribution. In the present climate, press releases are among the most important aspects of your entire media campaign. 

What is PRshouts?

   PRshouts is a press release distribution company with decades of experience in the public relations industry that worked with outstanding names in the business and entertainment world, global corporations, charities, and SMEs. They have a team of expert journalists and communications consultants that can write your press release from the ground up or help you improve the existing one, all these while providing exceptional and measurable results. 

Why choose PRshouts as Your Press Release Distribution Company

   The PRshouts team will explore every detail of your company and brand in order to bring up the one of a kind features that will set you apart from the competition and launch your organization to the top. They will make sure your brand's story is newsworthy. Writing in a way that attracts customers is a craft learned over time and not anyone can do it. Instead of trying to write a press release yourself, or look for freelancers with questionable experience, you can simply rely on a team of professionals like the one at PRshouts

   By relying on press release distribution, you can rest assured that the professional writers will find the perfect tone to reach and seduce your particular target audience and make them buy your products and services. Unlike other marketing options out there, a press release is more elegant, discreet, and can easily get under your client's skin because it doesn't scream "BUY ME". By having your business talked about in major media outlets, you will gain not only amazing exposure but also gain the trust of your customers.

The benefits don't stop here... Once you have such a massive exposure in the media, many people will start sharing your press release on all kinds of social media platforms that will bring your business one step closer to becoming viral. And not just on a local level, but everywhere! 

    This is definitely the most efficient and inexpensive way to reach a global audience through some of the largest and well-known media networks. Moreover, you can attach images, videos, and other types of multimedia to make your press release even more appealing to your potential clients. 

   Press release distribution is certainly one of the cheapest ways to get the word out about your enterprise if you are on a budget! Unlike advertisements in newspapers and magazines, a press release is more economical, has a greater reach, and stays online until you decide to take it down! 

    PRshouts offers a great range of packages that will suit the needs of your brand and business at an affordable cost. Some of the services that you will most likely find in a package are the professionally written press release with incorporated links to lead the readers straight to your business website, essential anchor links, keywords for SEO, backlinks for SEO, an article published on Tier 1 News Channels, FOX - ABC - CBC - NBC ; Telemundo, 500 or more distinct media outlets that will publish the press release, super-fast delivery, and a distribution report that will provide a detailed analysis of your media presence. 

The press release distribution packages offered by PRshouts are the following:

  • Social Media Press Release;
  • Websites Focused Press Release;
  • Start-Ups Focused Press Release;
  • Business Focused Press Release;
  • Premium Business Focused Press Release;
  • Kids Magazines Focused Press Release;
  • Technology Focused Press Release;
  • Women Magazine Focused Press Release;
  • Premium Women Focused Press Release;
  • Kickstarters Focused Press Release; 
  • Travel Agencies Focused Press Release;

And many more...

   So, if you're determined to upgrade your enterprise, press releases are a must. Luckily for you, PRshouts can provide the services you need to build a fantastic online presence in the media and tell your story in a way that all your potential clients will listen. This is the best way to coherently tell your business message to the widest audiences possible.  

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