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August 25, 2020 3 min read

Buy a Press Release:

There has been much speculation regarding the future of the press release and its continuing success in modern digital marketing strategies. Despite the naysayers, the press release remains a strong marketing strategy when the content is engaging and relevant, and a high-quality distribution agency strategically places it.

When you buy a press release with a clearly defined demographic, it not only enhances brand visibility improves but also your credibility and authoritative presence online. Press releases can improve your rankings and generate potential leads, while backlinks to established and high-profile sites to further enhance your credibility and rankings.

If you are planning to buy a press release, there are multiple potential benefits for your brand and website. There are particular benefits to a press release that is unique from standard email marketing, social media outreach, and website copy.  We will discuss a few of the main advantages of press releases below.

#1. Establishing Media Networks

One of the essential benefits of press releases is that they allow you to forge relationships with journalists, influencers, and top-tiered news sites over time. When you become known as a brand in these channels and deliver consistent and pertinent well-crafted content, they will seek out your press releases. 

#2. Press Releases Can Gain You Credibility

The world's largest PR firmEdelman surveyed consumers across 40 different global markets and found that trust is as essential to consumers as quality and value. They claim that ethical considerations such as integrity and dependability and purpose drive 76 % of the trust revenue of a business as opposed to the24% driven by competence.

More than half the respondents claimed that they could recognize brands indulging in 'Truth Washing,' which is a term created to describe when companies are not truthful with their public. These days you need an honest presence more than just visibility to win over your target audience.

Having a consistent track record for accurate and socially conscious press releases allows your brand to grow in the public trust. In a market that is 76% driven by trust, credibility is an invaluable asset. So more than just getting noticed, you need to take into account what you will be noted for in terms of social awareness and answerability.

#3. Build SEO Driven Traffic

If your company consistently posts relevant and well-crafted content, your chances of ranking on Search Engine Results pages. Having a high ranking on Google or other search engines promotes your visibility to current and prospective customers. A well-created press release incorporates keywords into their content and providing high-quality links, and the top-tiered distribution enhances a brand's authority in their chosen field.

#4. Customer Engagement

With the rise of social media, your target audience now has the opportunity to access your press releases directly. By using consistent and quality press releases, you may take advantage of your increased visibility to directly engage your current and future customer base. Multimedia promotions on social media sites are on the rise. 

You may use the authority of your high ranked press release content to engage your audience with statistics or quotes on social media channels. You may foster relationships through customer engagement through likes shares and retweets. Video-based social media posts are topping the audience engagement polls and are a sure way to get noticed when seeking future brand loyalists.

#5. Build Your Post Press Release Syndication

When you buy a press release and provide credible well-crafted content, you have the opportunity to create social media syndication. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Google Plus are great places to repurpose your initial press release using different mediums for each social channel syndication.

Not only will you extend the lifespan of your press release, but repurposing your press release into a blog post, infographic, or a white paper is a cost-effective way to increase your marketing range.


Now is the time to buy a press release more than ever considering what an essential tool it is to foster relationships with both the media and your paying public. With all the changes in social media, the press release is still a viable and valuable marketing strategy if you craft it with care, placed it relevantly, and handle its distribution professionally.


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