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August 31, 2020 3 min read

   Press releases are a great way of putting out information to the public audience. Very often, you'll receive a set of professionally done press releases for a company or brand at launches and other social networking events. But what if press releases were not limited only to brands and companies, but instead can be used by influencers to help boost their credibility in the realm of social media? With PRShouts.com, this is made possible as influencers can now engage in a social media influencer premium press release package.

Why do you need an influencer press release?

As an influencer, working hard on making quality content is a vital key to being successful. There are however additional points that help make you extra credible – and that is to include a verified status especially if you're working on Instagram. To achieve a verified status on Instagram, you'll need to have several news releases from credible news portals that help spread the word on you. Through these press releases, you'll then be able to apply for a verified status from Instagram that enables you to reach further as an influencer.

But how would you put your voice and name out in a market that may already be saturated? Enter the formation of a quality influencer press release – and PRShouts can help you there.

How do you make a good influencer press release?

PRShouts.com is a professional press release company that specializes in press release writing and distribution. With PRShouts’ experience and network, you’ll be able to reach out to various online news platforms and introduce yourself to the way all influencers do as a personal brand.

So how does PRShouts.com create such magic? Let’s have a look at the key elements that makes a good influencer press release.

  • Have a good storyline - One of the most important things to making a good influencer press release is ensuring that there is a gripping storyline. This will pique the interest of news portal editors, making them want to know even more about you as you grow your personal brand. Having a great storyline will help captivate the public's interest in who you are as an influencer, and this in turn will help boost your audience's knowledge about you.
  • Make it professional - Before releasing an influencer press release, it’s also key to ensure that every written press release is vetted professionally. This includes an in-depth look through by the PRShouts.com team of writers to eliminate mistakes such as grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, and formatting issues. Keeping a professional influencer press release not only helps boost your image as an influencer but also retains credibility to you as a brand.
  • Have the right people see it - Having created the perfect influencer press release, you will now want to ensure that this news piece falls into the right hands. This is where PRShouts.com further amplifies you as an influencer and a personal brand to reach out to over 500 media owners and top-tier news channels. You will also receive direct links from these articles to your website, business, brand, and social media channels, allowing for easier tracking when you want them.
  • Ensure that your press release is relevant and timely - As we live in a fast-paced era of social media, timeliness is always key. With PRShouts.com, you will be contacted within 24 hours of placing your order. Through a team of professional press release writers, you will then receive the final press release as quickly as possible. This allows you to stay relevant and on top of all news portals required when building your personal brand.

How do you get the best influencer press releases?

Now that you understand the importance of an influencer press release and what makes a good one, how do you go on to get it? PRShouts.com offers a social media influencer premium press release package that helps tick every box in creating the best press release for you. On top of getting top-notch written press releases, and you will also receive detailed reports and analytics to ensure that the press release is doing its best for your brand. Each press release from PRShouts.com is also paired with keywords and backlinks for better SEO that helps increase your search ranking.

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